Proceeding with the INPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property) to obtain licenses, authorizations and registrations that involve Trademark, Patent, Industrial Design,
Geographical Indication, Computer Program, Topography of Integrated Circuits, Technology Transfer, Patent Information Technology,
Judicial representation in cases involving Intellectual Property and Trademark Rights.

Legal analysis of e-commerce sites, so as to guarantee entrepreneur security
in activities and commercial relations with regard to the visualization of their
presentation, as well as compliance with the respective regulatory standards.

• Registration of trademarks in Brazil and abroad.
• Feasibility studies for registration in Brazil and abroad.
• Monitoring and conducting registration processes.
• Administrative litigation (objections, appeals, nullities, forfeiture applications, etc.).
• Judicial and extrajudicial litigation.
• Anti-piracy measures.
• Surveillance and investigation of acts of trademark counterfeiting.
• Structuring and negotiation of operations based on trademark rights
(licenses, assignments, fiduciary guarantees, issuances, etc.).

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