Reduction of costs based on analysis and collection of credits related to the following taxes: PIS, COFINS, ICMS, IPI, IRPJ, CSLL, INSS, ISS, CIDE and II (Import Tax).

Identification and implementation of specific tax efficiency models for each business segment.
Technical-tax advice, presenting opportunities for planning that aim at tax savings.

Responsible Law – Reduction of taxes based on technological innovation projects (Development / Improvement in products and / or processes). Assistance in the constitution of planning to obtain a tax incentive involving expenses with technological innovation at the MCTI.
Work with CARF – Administrative Council of Tax Appeals, in the Federal scope and TIT – Tax and Fees Court of the State of São Paulo, as well as other state and municipal administrative courts.

Adequacy of fiscal classification of products.
Defense in fiscal foreclosures; conducting legal proceedings for tax recovery / non-payment of taxes and questioning of taxes considered unconstitutional or illegal.
Management of tax, administrative and judicial litigation, obtaining special regimes and tax consultations in general.
Obtaining tax incentives / credits, through administrative or judicial measures
Consultancy on tax legislation in general, at the federal, state and municipal levels, with the elaboration of technical opinions on relevant topics.

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