We have a team with a wide experience in the most varied regulatory issues, a prerogative that translates into a deep agility in meeting the demands, being the differential for the development of strategies for the benefit of our clients.

Acting on various regulatory issues, serving Brazilian and foreign companies of different sizes in various market sectors, such as retail, agribusiness, energy, pharmaceutical, hotel and leisure, infrastructure, media and financial and banking services.

Among the services we provide, we highlight:

  • Consultancy on regulatory issues, including advice and representation of companies before regulatory agencies.
  • Planning and structuring of business operations aligned with regulatory aspects.
  • Elaboration and negotiation of contracts and agreements containing clauses covering regulatory aspects.
  • Elaboration of opinions on regulatory issues.
  • Regularization of real estate and activities before public administration bodies.
  • Registration of products with ANVISA, MAPA, INMETRO, etc.
  • Analysis of product labels before standards published by Public Administration bodies in all spheres and Consumer Defense Code.

With regard to public contracts, which involve bidding processes, we can adapt our services to the needs of the customer, in order to contemplate:

  • Advice and representation of companies in proposals and processes of public bidding, concessions, permissions and authorizations.
  • Preparation and analysis of administrative contracts and agreements entered with the government, as well as advice during the execution of contracts.
  • Judicial proceedings involving public bids and public administration issues.
  • Elaboration of opinions, risk assessments, strategies and policies related to public administration issues.
  • Direct negotiations with public administration bodies, as well as Public Prosecutor’s Office for TAC formalization.
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