Permanent Corporate Advice: legal advice related to routine corporate activities of companies, such as participation in shareholders’ meetings, meetings of boards of directors and executive board, drawing up all necessary minutes and terms, with or without registration, powers of attorney, etc.

Inheritance planning and corporate reorganizations.


Corporate Planning: Development and direct execution in projects of operating and family holdings, restructuring the existing companies and establishing the unlinking of the partners’ own assets.


Asset Management: In family holdings projects, inheritance planning and family protection issues are developed in accordance with the objectives of partners and family, always respecting the current legislation.

Elaboration of Partners’ Agreements (shareholders or quotaholders), involving not only the issues of distribution of profits, but voting rights, control and preference in the sale of participation (ex.: Drag Along/Tag Along).

Establishment of Brazilian companies formed by foreign partners (foreign companies or individuals residing abroad), opening of subsidiaries, branches or subsidiaries of Brazilian companies abroad.

Incorporation of companies, associations, foundations and any corporate type, including OSCIPs, with public and private partners, in order to make possible the obtaining of certificates and titles, in compliance with the legislation in force.

Corporate changes, transformations of a corporate type into another, analyzing all legal aspects, including tax and accounting.

Assistance in the purchase and sale of companies, equity interests, assets, private equity operations and financed acquisitions;

Consultancy, legal advice and direct execution in merger and acquisition operations, divestment of corporate interests, incorporations, reorganizations, among others, including legal due diligence audits.


Corporate Governance Programs: In all projects all levels of corporate governance are implemented, in accordance with the rules established by IBGC.

Structuring and implementation of joint ventures, consortiums, investment funds, SPEs, corporate partnerships, special partnerships, among other structures.

Planning and execution of capital opening and closing operations, acquisition of control and public offering of shares and regulatory advice to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Mediation involving corporate matters (conflict and exclusion of partners, partial or total dissolution, civil liability of the partner for misuse of purpose, determination of assets, accountability, among others).

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