In order to assist our customers in the prevention and resolution of disputes arising from the consumption relationship, the office provides a qualified team to assist them in the following issues:

  • Assistance in the prevention of practices that may result in indemnity liability and imputation of illicit conduct, through the preparation of operational manuals, training of employees, notably call center and SAC, contracts and material analysis for advertising campaigns, thus preserving the image of the company and the good relationship with its customers.
  • Guidance and follow up of administrative and judicial proceedings involving claims and requests for compensation for moral and material damages.
  • Follow-up of administrative and judicial proceedings for cases involving health plans, such as reimbursement of costs and medical expenses, refusal to cover certain procedures, abusive increase in monthly fees and termination of contract in an unmotivated manner, etc.
  • Contractual revision and renegotiation of financing.
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